Changing Your Life One Brain Wave at a Time


It’s a constant undertone. It is always there. You feel it at every moment, through out every experience. There may be flashes of time when it isn’t there, and you rejoice in its absence. It affects every action, every thought, every feeling. Everything.

Over time you may seek help in ridding yourself of this affliction. You seek counseling, read books, see health care professionals and may even try medication and supplements. Not much works. Medication and supplements may dull it, but as soon as you stop taking them, it comes back, rushing in like a river breaking its banks. Counseling helps to a point, but soon you may find yourself talking in circles, never really getting to the source of your struggle. Breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, etc. all help in the moment, but within hours or days after a session, it slowly creeps back in, always present.

If you are anything like most of our patients, you have tried everything, and over time it may have gone from severe down to moderate, or even to mild. Of course, it is all relative. Some days it may be a simple uneasiness in your gut. Other days you may feel sick to your stomach, unable to leave the house. In some circumstances you may feel slightly lightheaded. In others, your arms, hands and feet go numb, you struggle to breathe, the room goes black, and your head feels as if it no longer attached to the body below. You are floating away, lost in a sea of a perpetuating condition and after an attack like this, you wonder if you will every get away from it.

For those of you who suffer from it, you know how crippling it can be. It affects everything. Loss of work, loss of relationships. Daily activities can become insurmountable obstacles. If you are lucky, you learn how to function. For some, that means taking medication and/or supplements. For others, it means hospitalization. Various techniques may reduce it, but it is still there, every moment of every day. You accept it as part of your being. You accept it as who you are as a person, and you learn to live with it.

The thing about anxiety is that in order to function, you must learn to manage it. You learn to dim it. You learn not to fight it. You become one with it. A sudden racing heart, sweaty palms, and feeling as though you are about to leave your body become manageable through years of learning various techniques. You no may no longer have the intense panic attacks of your past, but you are still struggling. You are still at the mercy of it. All of the techniques you learn take energy to use and you spend the majority of your day talking to yourself in order to calm yourself down. You have to constantly remind yourself to breathe, to ground through your legs, to do this, to do that, etc., etc., on and on. Endless. Constant.

Imagine if one day it just suddenly stopped.

The hum that has always been there is suddenly gone. You pause, realize it’s stopped, and stand there, listening in disbelief. You try to find it. You search every inch of your existence looking for a trace of it, but it is no longer there.

It’s gone. It’s simply not there anymore. You feel peaceful. Relaxed. Centered. Grounded. You feel like a whole person. You are finally in your body. You feel things differently. New sensations, new experiences. You are present in a way you had never known before, and it feels absolutely incredible.

This is possible.

One of our patients came to us with involuntary muscle twitching extending throughout her entire body. She could not stop them for even a second. She could not sleep. She could not eat. She could barely get herself to work every day. This was the result of physical and mental abuse and she had learned to live like this. After two sessions her twitches stopped and she reported that she had never felt so calm.

How did this happen? Was it a new, revolutionary supplement? A new type of meditation? Energy work? Acupuncture?

No. Although these are all wonderful and can reduce anxiety to a certain level, none of them can take the credit.

The credit goes to something called “Brain State Technologies” and it is available right now in the same building as Ocean Park Natural Therapies.

About Brain State Technologies:

Brain State Technologies was founded in 2004 by Lee Gerdes. Since then, nearly 35,000 people worldwide have experienced an 85% success rate utilizing this technique. The technology and process combine to form a unique system called Brainwave Optimization with Real Time Balancing (RTB).

Brainwave Optimization with RTB is a holistic, non-invasive method of treatment that effectively guides a brain back to its innate, healthy, balanced state. It is based on the ratio of brain waves within a specific client’s brain. Success is then measured against personal ratios, rather than against an expected norm, making treatment protocols totally individualized. Managing brain waves can help alleviate a number of disorders, and has been used by professional athletes to optimize their performance.

Physical and emotional trauma are at the root of brainwave disturbance. We all experience traumas throughout life and each of these can cause brainwaves to deviate from what would otherwise be “normal”. This can result in a variety of problems, including sleep disturbances, anger and irritability, post traumatic stress disorder, addictions, learning disabilities, anxiety and depression, decreased energy, sexual dysfunctions, and physical pain and discomfort. By using EEG biofeedback, brain training can bring your brain, and your life, back into balance.

If you are interested in learning more about how this incredible program could change your life for the better, please call Ocean Park Natural Therapies at 604-538-3017 (located in Surrey, British Columbia). For more information on Brain State Technologies, including research and case studies, please visit For a list of providers, please visit Help take charge of your life, one brain wave at a time.

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