It is with a mixture of great sadness, excitement and gratitude that I write to announce I have decided to move back to Colorado and transition to a skype/phone based practice. As many of you know my mom has a chronic neurologic disorder and as her condition progresses I have come to the realization I need to be closer to her. I am thrilled to announce that I will stay on with Walnut Creek Naturopathic remotely, and will be available to continue your care via Skype and phone visits. If you prefer to have an in house doctor we will arrange for you to continue care through one of the other fabulous doctors at Walnut Creek Naturopathic. My goal is to make sure this transition in your healthcare is as seamless as possible. If you choose to follow up with an in house doctor, I will meet with them prior to your first visit together so that they are completely updated on your case.


Dr. Hillary Roland