How Chinese Medicine can Optimize your Pregnancy

Saturday, September 28th @ 11am-12pm with Jacob Chinn, L.Ac

Chinese Medicine focuses on balancing all of the body’s functions.  During the rapid and turbulent changes of pregnancy, Chinese Medicine can be the perfect support system to help you navigate this time, recover faster, and prevent further imbalance.  Whether it is full blown morning sickness or being wiped out from lack of sleep, regular Chinese Medicine treatments once every 1 to 2 weeks may smooth your energy flow, clear jumbled thoughts, and refill your energetic gas-tanks as you grow the new little being within.  Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, Jacob Chinn brings you a class about pregnancy that will enhance your understanding of how Chinese Medicine can help you regain your body’s natural flows.

Join this FREE class with Jacob Chinn L. Ac

WHEN:         Saturday, September 28th @ 11am-12pm

WHERE:      Harvest House Natural Foods 

REGISTER: Registration is FREE, please call Harvest House to register (925) 754-0138

Harvest House

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