Optimal health is not simply the absence of disease,

it is living with a vitality that allows you to experience life as you desire.—Dr. Anja

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Integrative Primary Care

All of the providers at WCN (Naturopathic doctors and Chinese Medicine specialists) are trained in primary care natural medicine.  We share a belief in the innate healing capacity of the human body and we teach our patients how to optimize their health through diet, exercise, and natural remedies.

Blending the best of modern medical science with the traditional natural medicine approaches, we walk patients through a ladder of intervention that moves up from the least invasive, yet most effective methods possible, until we get to the health benefits the patient is seeking.

Acupuncture & Cancer Treatment

Acupuncture & Cancer Treatment

Part 1 of 3: Current Research
by Anna Ritner, L.Ac.

As cancer research marches forward and promising new treatment protocols emerge, the side effects of many cancer therapies are still, in many cases, significant setbacks in the quality of life for patients on the healing path. Pain, fatigue, nausea & vomiting, and anemia are all common physical side effects of treatment, and in combination with a shifting emotional landscape, many patients are left with the discouraging feeling that they no longer have control over their bodies or spirits.

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