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The doctors at Walnut Creek Naturopathic are trained in the art and science of natural health care at accredited medical colleges, and licensed by the state Bureau of Naturopathic Medicine. We recognize that the individual — body, mind, spirit — knows its own healing pathways, and we develop therapeutic programs for the individual that are designed to collaborate with natural healing.

Walnut Creek Naturopathic

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Medical Staff

We are family doctors, trained to see patients of all ages and all conditions, and each of us is also trained and experienced in specialties such as integrative cancer care. We work with you to diagnose the underlying causes of disease, and restore optimal health. We emphasize education, prevention, and holistic treatment.

If your condition requires an outside specialist we will refer you to one, and provide supportive care of the whole person while you are being treated by conventional targeted therapies

Dr. Heather Barrett

Owner & Medical Director
Dr. Barrett is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor who has always had a strong desire to be a healer.  With a background in social work, psychology, and competitive sports, she first learned about naturopathic healing while volunteering at an AIDS orphanage in Africa in 2006. [full bio…]

Dr. Cynthia Castillo

Dr. Castillo is a licensed naturopathic doctor and researcher. She is passionate about empowering patients through knowledge, helping them make educated decisions about their health care, with the goal of optimizing their well-being. [full bio…]

Dr. Jamie Berner

Dr. Berner is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor who employs functional medicine to identify root causes in treating conditions such as chronic pain and opiod dependency, thyroid disease, gastrointestinal disease and autoimmune disease. [full bio…] 

Photo of Dr. Melissa Gastellum
Dr. Melissa Gastellum

Dr. Mel is a licensed naturopathic doctor who utilizes special testing, natural modalities and lifestyle interventions to help patients with cancer, muscle and joint issues, autoimmune disease and digestive disorders. See full bio… [full bio…]

Support Staff

Jennifer Thompson

Jennifer Thompson is the Front Office Manager and joined Walnut Creek Naturopathic in September 2019. She has over twelve years of experience working in healthcare. Her career started as a Pharmacy Technician but she found her passion in patient care and managing after spending four years managing a department that specializes in Lymphedema patients. Outside of patient care and managing the clinic, Jen enjoys kayaking, camping, traveling, hiking and spending time with her family and friends. 

Photo of Shasmi Nisha, Patient Care Coordinator at Walnut Creek NaturopathicShasmi Nisha

Shasmi is a Patient Care Coordinator at WCN who will welcome you with a friendly and infectious smile. She was born on the Fiji Islands and migrated to the United States in 2010. She is a firm believer in Naturopathic Medicine and its Holistic approach towards lifelong wellness. She believes the key to success in every area of your life should be accomplished by having a positive attitude. She is currently enrolled in school pursuing her dream of becoming a Registered Trauma Nurse.  Outside of the office, she loves working out, spending time with her family, studying medicine and eating healthy.